Cities are being forced to change the way they operate and engage its consituents. Budgets, technology and many other forces are converging making cities around the globe rethink how they take care of city business.

At first we saw major cities lead the charge, from the heart of Silicon Valley in San Francisco to New York City, but how we are seeing other cities see the potential of open data and APIs and step up.

This website is a project to track on which cities are getting involved with APIs, how they are doing and try to identify patterns that other cities can put to use as well.

This proejct site operates on Github and is openly licensed, so that it can be download or forked, and I will update regularly with news, analysis, city governments and other resources around how cities are opening up with APIs.

Currently I am profiling two areas:

I will add other areas as I can. Make sure and take a look at the similar work I am doing with Federal Government APIs, and as soon as I can I will target states and counties with API programs.